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List of freely accessible LiDAR data and digital terrain models


Surveying surface of the Earth with LiDAR technology is increasing, thereby the database of LiDAR data is constantly increasing.

And some databases are openly available on the internet. In the vast majority of a LiDAR surveys were and are undertaken by various government agencies of various countries around the world. Openly available LiDAR data in available in different formats, coordinate systems and state of processing (from the cleaned point cloud data to the digital terrain model of the ground).

On the internet you can find many different lists of digital terrain models of ground (DTM) and LiDAR data recording, but almost all receive an irregular update and are therefore deficient.

I encourage people to try different LiDAR data to try something new. In addition to new technical GIS knowledge you will gain it is also fun to discover new archaeological sites or view the famous archaeological sites from LiDAR “view” in other countries.

Conditions for making to the list are:
  • free access to files
  • files are already classified lidar data (files with the extension .LAS, .LAZ, .zLAS, .ASC, .XYZ)
  • a digital terrain model of resolution 5m or less (files with the extension .GeoTIFF, .ASC, .IMAGE, .DEM)
I will mark when .ASC is point cloud and when raster.

!When ftp server is available use of ftp client is recommended. Here is guide how to setup open-source ftp client  FileZilla.

I will check list monthly and update it regularly.

If you have any trouble getting data from internet sites on this list, leave a message on the comments and I'll help.

If you know the source I missed or it is brand new, leave a message in the comments and I'll be happy to check it in and add it to the list.

Country Region/City/State Format CRS/Koordinatni sistem Particularities
Austria Wien GeoTIFF EPSG:31256
Belgium Wallonia GeoTIFF EPSG:31370 Click on bold link Downloaden and pick file
Denmark GeoTIFF EPSG:25832 Free registration needed
England ASCII-raster EPSG:27700
Finland LAZ EPSG:3067 In datasets search LiDAR
Germany North Rhine-Westphalia XZY-points EPSG:25832 Under DGM folder you can select DTM files
Germany Thuringia XZY/LAZ EPSG:25832 Search for place name and then click it to select 1x1km big quadrant
Italy Bolzano, South Tyrol GeoTIFF EPSG:3044
Italy Friuli-Venezia ASCII-raster EPSG:3044 On right side search places
Italy Trentino ASCII-raster EPSG:4326 In the top row, click the icon cursor pointing to the cube
Spain Basque LAS EPSG:25830
Luxemburg ASCII EPSG:2169 Whole countrie in one file
Netherland GeoTIFF/LAZ EPSG:28992 AHN3 dataset
Netherland GeoTIFF EPSG:28992 AHN2 dataset
Northern Ireland ASCII-raster EPSG:29901 Check coverage map.
Scotland ASCII-raster EPSG:27700 Pick resolution, then under data resources click link. One big file.
Slovenia zLAS/LAZ EPSG:25830
Spain LAZ EPSG:4258 Under municipio search place or municipy
Spain Catalonia LAZ EPSG:25830
Spain La Rioja LAZ/GeoTIFF EPSG:25830 Click on cartgrafia tematica and search lidar or modelo digital
Switzerland Solothurn canton LAZ/GeoTIFF EPSG:21781
Switzerland Zurich canton LAZ/GeoTIFF EPSG:2056 In maps menu seek LiDAR
Wales ASCII-raster EPSG:27700

North America
Country Region/City/State Format CRS Particularities
ZDA Indiana LAS/IMAGE-raster EPSG:2965/2966 In datasets the LiDAR in DEM files are under IndianaMap Data
ZDA Kentucky LAZ/IMAGE-raster USER defined Search LiDAR, select LiDAR or DTM, then click link to go to ftp server
ZDA Louisiana XZY/DEM-raster EPSG:26915
ZDA Minnesota LAZ See each dataset Search by counties/ftp access
ZDA North Dakota LAS/XYZ/IMAGE-raster/ASCII-raster EPSG:26914
ZDA Ohio LAS/ASCII-raster EPSG:32122
ZDA Washington LAS/XYZ/IMAGE-raster/ASCII-raster EPSG:Custom-is written in files With tool for select region choose region and then choose data for download

Latin America and Caribbean
Country Region/City/State Format CRS Particularities
Haiti LAS/ASCII-raster EPSG:3857

Country Region/City/State Format CRS Particularities
New Zealand LAZ/ASCII-points/GeoTIFF EPSG:2193 Click on wanted data set. Then click on Point cloud data. On next page use select region and then choose format of data for download

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  1. Cool! But would be good to distinguish better between raster and points as ASCII can be either and sometimes both is available. Also ... if this list is supposed to grow to completion you may early on want to organize it by alphabetically grouped by continent / country / state / region / city ...

  2. Great! Yes I forgot about ASCII being both. Will check and add to table. It is supposed to grow and will order it more suitability. Thanks for feedback!